Miami Music Club is a nomadic space for music, sound, and performance focused on curating alternative social atmospheres. The club works in collaboration with musicians, artists, institutions and others in order to foster moods and ideas not available at traditional venues for music and art. 



Miami Music Club is the inaugural partners for the ICA Residents program.


In May 2015, Miami Music Club was given a storefront space by the Miami Design District, rent free, for five months. It was used as a performance space for 13 events, and functioned as an art gallery, with works by Kathryn Marks, Laz Rodriguez, and others. The space also acted as a consignment store for local underground music, literature and artist books.

That year, Miami Music Club was voted “Best Underground Club” by the Miami New Times and was a finalist for the Knight Art Challenge.

Following the closure of the Design District space, MMC started activating public spaces and venues, including Buckminster Fuller’s dome in Palm Court.


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