RRLEW and Cube at PAMM


Miami Music Club partners with PAMM for an evening of two highly-charged performances: RRLEW (Providence, RI) creates richly-textured, lesbian-utopian operas that explore a trove of issues, figures, and tropes through technology, props, and sound. CUBE (Oakland, CA) fuses disparate genres, from industrial to techno to noise, to create crunchy ear-worms that have a pop catchiness and punk spirit. Romulo Del Castillo (Miami, FL), founder of the legendary Schematic Music Company, will DJ.

Rachel Lewallen is a writer, musician and performance artist living in Providence, Rhode Island. She received a B.A. in Performance Studies from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has shown work in many forms across the east coast underground. Her work employs the tools of theatre and technology to compose non-narrative performances that deal with the intersection of femininity, misandry, utopia, and physical endurance. RRLEW manipulates horror, linear time, narrative emotional process, and humor by blurring lines between the absurd and the mundane.

An experimental electronic music project from Adam Keith of Oakland, California, CUBE touches on industrial, dub, techno, noise, and more, through the use of multi-track recorders, guitar samples, cassette loops, and effected vocals. Though technically dense, his music has a distinctly personal, emotional touch—a singer-songwriter lurks underneath the waves of distortion. “My Cube” is Cube’s first vinyl LP, on Left Hand Path.

Miami Music Club
Miami Music Club (MMC) is a nomadic space for music and art. With a curatorial ideology that values DIY musicians, dancers, and performance artists, MMC produces events at traditional and nontraditional spaces that bring together diverse communities. MMC is supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and most importantly, by the beautiful people who attend.

Time is of the essence ~ 5-9PM SHARP

No capital required


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