Boy Harsher, Donzii, & Vedome at Noguchi Breton

Miami Music Club & Noguchi Breton

Boy Harsher
(Northampton, Massachussetts)

Artists Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller develop dark waves that lap at the dance floor. Matthews’ vocals curl and hiss over Muller’s electronica of gothic temperatures. Yr Body is Nothing, their latest release on DKA, is an exegesis of contemporary dark club music: dreamy, pulsing synths over tight kicks, with an emotive poetry on top.

(Miami, Florida)

Electric instruments tuned to slithering blues, Jenna Balfe laments triumphant as Dennis Fuller and Doug Weber dig post-groove grooves. Making for faith in the traditional rock band format, DONZII does no wave like few do.

(Miami, Florida)

Edwin Beauchamp’s experiments in ambient techno and dub, originally conceived as an extension of his design practice. Processes sonic and not used to capture multiple registers of electronic music.

Noguchi Breton
8375 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33138


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