MMC at Common Field


Miami Music Club
curates a special program
for Common Field

Collaboration 01:
Jenna Balfe and LXV

Jenna Balfe is a candidate for a Master in Dance Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute, New York. Her work is inspired by the earth’s organic environment and human beings’ resonance within the environment, or lack thereof. She is interested in creating expression that is meditative and lends itself toward promoting healing of psychic and emotional space while engendering community. Most recent work includes: “The Body is a Feeling” shown at Movement Research’s Open Performance in February 2016, with Dennis Fuller, Cassie Mills and Josh Milrod. “View” was performed at Knockdown Center in New York in July 2016, with Misael Soto and Dennis Fuller. She recently collaborated with Elizabeth Hart and Naomi Fisher for the performance aspect of Fisher’s work which was shown in the group show On the Verge of an Image: Considering Marjorie Keller in Los Angeles at The Gamble house, October 2016. Jenna is a multidisciplinary artist using dance, music, video, performance and sculpture to express herself to other humans.

LXV is the most recent project by US artist and producer David Sutton. Sutton has been creating avant-garde electronic music using several monikers and within collaborations for the past decade (most notably with Kara-Lis Coverdale & LXV, Current Amnesia and Car Commercials). Using the LXV platform Sutton spatially arranges processed voices, digital fragments and fractured sampled media into virtual sound environments that imbue esoteric and existential inquiry, the universality of consciousness, and the expressions and compulsions of the human condition in the modern world. Most recently with “Asylum/ Theophany” (Soft Abuse) and “Clear” (Anomia) LXV continues in expanding an anomalous cryptic language of sound and embedding a trans-formative conceptual mythology. Sutton has been performing nationally over the past ten years and of the past few, as LXV internationally.

Collaboration 02:
Horoscope and Pia Love-Toribio

Horoscope is the multimedia project of Miami native and Brooklyn resident, Rene J Nunez Cabrera. Cabrera’s live performances are as much a raw, uncensored vehicle of personal catharsis as they are a ritualistic forecast of what the future may hold for those who attend. With numerous cassette releases on labels such as Ascetic House and Acid Casualty Productions and tours with a wide range of artists, Horoscope has been a fixture in contemporary noise circles.

Pia Love-Toribio was born in Chicago, IL and currently works and lives in Tampa, FL. Toribia assembles natural earth elements, mirrors and images of transformation to express the unseen world. Toribio utilizes various mediums such as audio, photography, performance, video and site-specific installation inspired by the physical landscape and different dimensional states of being. She currently has work in a group exhibition called “Rite of Passage” at The Sarasota Art Center.

Collaboration 03:

Miami Music Club gonna blast the fire “techno” trax u never heard

u are cordially invited
to Fountainhead Studios
saturday, october, 22, 2016
7PM — Midnight


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