Autonomous Party Machine at the Fly’s Eye


For Site Specific, Miami Music Club will present an intimate performance by its in-house residents within Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome at Palm Court. Originally intended by Fuller as an “autonomous dwelling machine,” this version of the dome now acts as a portal to and from an underground parking garage in the Design District. MMC will activate the space as an ‘autonomous party machine’ using experimental electronic music, expanded cinema, and the artisinal method of keeping it real.

Autonomous Party Machine will conclude as the third act, preceded by the following:

Act -1 (6PM)
Cocktail hour

Act I (630PM)
Interactive tea party with characters from Miami Theater Center’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Act II (7PM)
An Acoustic Intervention featuring YoungArts Alumni Mel Bryant

Act III (730PM)
Autonomous Party Machine

Miami Music Club is a wandering music venue and art space dedicated to experimental sounds, speculative dance moves, and alternative party atmospheres. Based in Miami and New York, the club curates sonic and visual works for those seeking moods beyond the ones available via generic aesthetics and intents.


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